JumboMax® Technology


The best golf instructors universally agree that the easiest way to ruin a good swing is to grip the club too tightly. We’re golfers. We’re smart. So we try very hard to lighten our grip pressure.

But… most of us fail. We squeeze the grip, especially when we need to hit a good shot. We rip big holes in our golf gloves. We tear up our hands. What gives?

What if we told you the biggest culprit of excess tension is the design of the golf grip itself? At JumboMax®, that’s what we believe.

Just like you, we were struggling to shoot lower scores with conventional golf grips (we call them “skinny grips”). So we created a grip that would finally stop the squeezing.


When we were developing our swing grips, we realized that we couldn’t just take a skinny grip and make it bigger. To develop an ergonomic grip that could be used by serious golfers, we had to rethink the construction of the golf grip to support our different sizes and materials. We’re proud to say that we were able to develop the first and only tour-quality oversize grip. 

We currently offer JumboMax grips in several different sizes, textures, and weights so golfers can play the perfect grip for their hand size and swing style. And not all are “Jumbo.” Some of our grip sizes, like “Standard Oversize,” are just a little bit bigger than skinny grips. Our Large (L) and Extra-Large (XL) grips, on the other hand, are much bigger than skinny grips. 

With JumboMax, you can take advantage of the many benefits our multi-material construction offers… regardless of which size you choose to play.



When you swing with light and consistent grip pressure, not only does it help you swing faster, but it makes it easier to hit the dead center of the clubface. And that means more power. 

That’s where Finger-Palm™ Technology comes in. Don’t worry; Finger-Palm isn’t a new grip style that you need to learn. You’ll keep using your same grip style with JumboMax grips, whether it’s overlapping or interlocking, or something else.

Finger-Palm is our way of describing what happens when you hold a JumboMax grip. The larger size of the grip fills in the gaps in your grip that skinny grips create. It allows you to use your entire hand — not just your fingers — and that puts you in a stronger, more comfortable position.

That tension you’re used to feeling with skinny grips? GONE. That’s why Golf.com named JumboMax grips the best grips to help golfers reduce grip pressure. And the best part is that using a JumboMax grip requires ZERO thought. The added power you get from JumboMax grips happens naturally.


Golfers are often skeptical when we tell them that bigger grips will help them hit straighter shots. But then they experience it, and they want to know why.

The simplest way to explain why JumboMax grips create straighter shots is to think of a steering wheel. If you have a small steering wheel, like with a golf cart, a tiny turn of the wheel is going to steer the cart strongly to the left or right. But if you have a large steering wheel, like with a semi-truck, it’s going to take a big turn of the wheel to make a big turn.

As with a small steering wheel, skinny grips make it easier to turn the clubface. The golf-geek-speak way of explaining this is to say they “increase the closure rate.”

With a JumboMax grip — just like with a big steering wheel — it’s going to take much more effort to turn the clubface. The closure rate is slower, which means the clubface is going to stay square for a longer period of time. And that’s a good thing.



Another important thing we hear from golfers is that with a JumboMax grip, they can actually feel where the clubface is pointed during the swing. This is due to the larger size of JumboMax grips, which makes it easier to feel the position of the clubface. 

We can use the example of playing tennis to describe this. Even if you haven’t played in a while, you’ll likely be able to pick up a tennis racquet and achieve acceptable results. This is because a tennis racquet, like a JumboMax grip, is designed to be held with the palm. 

When you hit a shot with a tennis racquet, your palm and the racquet are always going to be facing the same direction — toward the target with a forehand, and away from the target with a backhand. This makes it easy for your brain to connect the dots about “where the face is pointing.”

In golf, knowing where the clubface is pointed gives golfers more confidence to relax and swing freely. And when golfers want to hit those little draws and fades, they’ll have the improved clubface awareness they’ll need to do it.



Your body will thank you for switching to JumboMax, regardless of which JumboMax swing grip you choose.

Let’s talk about your joints.
The StabilityCore™ we use in every JumboMax grip not only provides Tour-level stability but an unmatched level of shock absorption as well. This is important for serious golfers who spend hours at the range, as well as for golfers who have joint issues like arthritis. 

Now let’s talk about your hands.
We’ve already described how bigger grips will ease the tension in your hands and arms. And because bigger grips fit more naturally in your hand, they won’t want to move around during the swing like skinny grips. This creates less friction, which means you’ll stop tearing up your gloves and your hands with JumboMax grips.


More distance. Improved accuracy. Less wear and tear on your joints. Happier hands. You’ll get all those things with JumboMax.