JumboMax JMX UltraLite™

$14.99 - $15.99

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  • A Major Winner: Used By 2020 U.S. Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau.
  • UltraLite Construction: 20-25% lighter than standard grips.
  • Promotes Light, Even Grip Pressure: Creates faster clubhead speed.
  • Super-Oversized Profile: Improves clubface awareness and control.
  • Twist-Resistant StabilityCore ™: Offers maximum performance in the rough.
  • Good Cause: When you purchase any UltraLite with Bryson’s personal logo, $1.00 per grip will be donated to the Bryson DeChambeau Charitable Foundation.

Massively Light


The JMX UltraLite Grip was created to be massively light: 20-25% lighter than skinny grips. For golfers looking to max out their speed, UltraLite grips can help by reducing the overall weight of the club.

Developed for demanding golfers who want enhanced clubhead awareness, the UltraLite provides all the stability and control of a JumboMax without reducing the swing weight.


The JMX UltraLite debuts Tri-Texture™ with specially designed surface details placed in specific areas of the grip to boost performance, feel, and all-weather playability.

Hex Pattern

Maximum texture in key gripping areas

Cross Pattern

Adds tackiness and disperses moisture

Herringbone V

Assists in consistent hand placement

What Bryson Says

“I used these grips to win the 2020 U.S. Open. They’re everything I could want in a swing grip. They’re simply the best of both worlds and they help me max out the distance with every club in my bag.

I just love the way the UltraLites feel. They’re firm, stable and don’t tear up my hands even with all the hours of practice I put in.”


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