JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®
JMX Zen Lite®

JMX Zen Lite®

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  • Pro-Preferred Rubber Surface: Provides maximum feedback and control.
  • UltraLite Construction: 10-15% lighter than standard grips.
  • Promotes Light, Even Grip Pressure: Creates faster clubhead speed.
  • Super-Oversized Profile: Improves clubface awareness and control.
  • Twist-Resistant StabilityCore ™: Offers maximum performance in the rough.

The all-new JMX Zen Lite® is the first JumboMax® grip to feature a pro-preferred rubber surface, and it’s available in each of our seven sizes.

JMX Zen Lite provides our firmest feel and most textured gripping surface. It’s 10-15% lighter than skinny grips to maximize performance while maintaining club head feel.


We think so. We took everything golfers love about JumboMax grips and added a first-of-its-kind rubber surface that gives golfers who prefer rubber grips a firmer feel and enhanced traction.


JMX Zen Lite is our best grip for wet or humid conditions. Its rubber outer channels water away from the surface to provide maximum traction. When wet, just wipe these grips with a dry towel and you’ll be back to full gripping power.


“ZEN LITE was created for golfers that prefer the feel of a rubber gripping surface. It has the texture of a rubber grip on the outside but offers the extra performance of JumboMax on the inside. It also weighs about the same as a traditional rubber grip. If you’re not playing JumboMax yet, you’re running out of reasons not to switch!”


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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
donald sosebee
Jmx zen lite

Love the feel and added distance.

Joseph Kirby

These grips are amazing. Didn’t take any time to get use to. Took that bad hook out and took me back to a baby fade I like to play.

Robert Franzese
Trust the website recommendation

I am a certified club fitter. Golf stopped being fun because my hands hurt. I have tried other midsize and jumbo grips but they were too heavy and changed the swing weight too much. The ultralight grips don't change the swing weight and my hands don't hurt. Now using my hands to hold the club not my fingers. Would you use your fingers to swing a hammer???? Fantastic. Hitting the ball father.

franklin d robbins
Game Changer

I had heard about the JMX Zen Lite grips and wanted to try them out. I went to the JumboMax website and took their short questionnaire which recommended that I should try the "Small" size grip. Then I went to the local Roger Dunn's shop to see if they had any inventory of that grip. While I was there, one of the employees that was working with me was raving about the JMX Zen Lite grips and how good they were, but when I told him that I wanted the "Small" size he suggested that I try the Extra Small instead stating that it was easier to put "shape" on the ball with the smaller size. He was pretty convincing, so I ordered one grip in "Small" and one grip in "Extra Small" as a trial run. After playing a couple of rounds, I felt that the website recommended size of "Small" was the perfect fit. Went back and had my full bag fitted with the new Zen Lite grips. It was such a difference compared to my old grips in both size and texture that it took a little getting used to, but after only a couple of rounds I found myself hitting the ball not only straighter, but a few yards longer as well. Now when I grab another club that has a "regular" grip, it feels skinny and uncomfortable. I realize that I used to be "gripping" the club with my fingers rather than the feeling of gripping it with my hands. Now when I swing, I only concentrate on the shape of my swing path. These grips have changed the game for me. Bottom line: Trust the website, not some salesman when getting "sized" for the grip you want, the website is dead-on. P.S. You'll be finding that you'll be hitting straighter and longer with these grips...they are amazing


Thank you…this the perfect grips i have ever purchased…them fit perfectly for my hands…awsome control. I’m planning on ordering more for my new set of irons.